City Utilities (Lights, Water, Sewer)
444 S. Main St, West Point Nebraska (402)372-2466
After hours emergency number (402)372-6009
  1. Deposits will be required if customer has not had an account before or if bad credit record exists.  Past bad debts will be required to be paid before connecting a new service. 
    • Residential electric deposit is $150, residential water deposit is $50.00.
    • Commercial and industrial minimum electric deposit is $200.00, commercial and industrial water deposit is $50.00.  Commercial and industrial customers will be evaluated after 3 months and the deposit amount may be increased based upon the average of the previous 3 months.  If the business has an established operation, the new tenant will be required to deposit an amount equal to the average of 3 full months of prior operation.
  2. Refunds are made in July of each year after 2 years, providing a good credit record exists.  Otherwise the deposit will be refunded after discontinuing service with West Point Light and Water.
  3. Transfers from a current West Point address will not require an additional deposit and there are no additional connection fees.