March 15th Cross Connection and Service Line Material Reporting Form Due

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Cross connection and service line form sample

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services requires water utilities in Nebraska to have all water customers inspect their plumbing systems for potential cross connections with the public water supply and ensure these connections are properly protected against backflow or back-siphonage.  
In addition to this, the State of Nebraska Department of Environment & Energy has made it mandatory that all utility customers comply with new reporting requirements regarding lead water service lines. 
In a few days you will be receiving a letter in the mail which includes a reporting form with pre-paid postage so you can send it back in the mail or drop it off at the city office.  Please answer the 8 questions on the back of the card and sign and return to us by March 15th.  A response is required.  If you have any questions, you may contact Tom Goulette at (402)372-2466.